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Get your packaging tapes with Northern Business Supplies

Packaging Tapes: Essential for Postal, Packing, and Office Needs
At Northern Business Supplies, we offer a range of high-quality packaging tapes to meet the needs of organizations across a variety of sectors. Our premium-quality packing tape is ideal for moving, packing, shipping, or storage. Choose from clear, coloured, custom, and brown tapes, including low-noise options, for secure and safe packaging tasks.
Our selection includes PVC packaging tape, known for its quality and durability. With less stretch, high puncture resistance, and strong adhesion, our PVC tape is available in a variety of widths.
Speciality tapes are also available, including custom printed tape, duct tape, hazard warning tape, heavy-duty packaging tape, gummed paper tape, machine packaging tape, Kraft paper tape, reinforced Kraft paper tape, and cross weave and masking tapes. We also carry Enviro-tape, an eco-friendly option.
In addition to tapes, we stock a range of dispensing equipment, including gummed paper tape dispensers, tape dispenser guns, bench clamp tape dispensers, bag neck sealers, and carton sealing machines.
Secure and easy packing is just a click away. Browse our selection of packaging tapes and dispensers and find a solution suitable for all industries and environments. If you need guidance on which tape is best for your application, please see our tape guide

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